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If you are experiencing a problem with a product, please fill out and submit the following Bug Report Form.  

Ziata! Users: Remember that Ziata! has an automated Maintenance (Alt-File-Utilities-Maintenance) feature that allows you to automatically send e-mail notices to any combination of your network administrator, distributor and us.  If what you want to tell us is really more of a suggestion or a request for enhancement, please use our Suggestion Report Form instead.   The Maintenance feature of Ziata! can also be used for this purpose. 

Periodically we will post notices regarding bugs reported by our customers in the List of Known Issues section of this page, and tips or workarounds on the FAQs or Tech Notes pages.

Bug Report Form

Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem.

  1. What is the name and version of the software are you using (see Help-About in the program)?

  2. What workstation operating system are you using?

  3. What server/network operating system are you using?
  4. Please enter a brief one-line description of the problem:

    (example: "Editor doesn't respond to up-arrow under image")
  5. If the problem is reproducible, please list the steps required to cause it,
    leaving a blank line between steps:

    (example: "1. Create a new file. 2. Insert some text ...")

    Otherwise, if the problem is not reproducible (only happened once, or occasionally for no apparent reason), please describe the circumstances in which it occurred and the symptoms observed:

    (note: it is much harder for us to fix non-reproducible bugs)

  6. If the problem causes any error messages to appear, please write down the exact text displayed and enter it here:

  7. Please provide us with the following information in case we need to contact you:



* required information

After submitting the form, please wait for the confirmation page.  If you have any problems, please contact the Webmaster.

We may need to contact you for more information, such as if we have trouble reproducing the problem you describe.

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List of Known Issues

The following is a list of some known problems with Ziata! that we are addressing for the next release.


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