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  Dated: April 13, 2000, approximately 5:00 am.,  Build
Do not download this file if you have any installed version of Ziata! equal to or later than version 3.0. because the above file is the full version, including empty databases, and installation of these files will overwrite any existing databases.  Also, if this Build is less than the Update Build, then you should see whether should also download the latest update.  (That is, the full version does not have the latest files.)

Version 4.0.x Users and Lower Version numbers: Important: If you are using a version of Ziata! prior to Version 5 (see Ziata! Alt-Help-About), then you need to Upgrade before installing any 5.x files.  If you want to upgrade to 5.x, from any version prior to 5x you must contact us for the Upgrade procedure.

If you prefer, you can order the Ziata! CD-ROM.  (The included QuickStart Companion will be of great assistance to you.)  

Order v.6 Ziata! CD Now. 

Ordering the CD-ROM has advantages well-worth the cost:

  • Includes the full install version.  (Depending upon the synchronization of the CD order date and our CD burn cycle, the CD almost always, but may not necessarily, has the latest update files.)
  • Includes the preprinted Ziata! Quickstart Companion manual to get you up and operational immediately.  It also has tips and explains installation and configuration options.  The exciting OOD concept of data management is described in more detail.  [Click here to review the Ziata! QuickStart Companion in your browser.  Right-click and Save Target As to download, particularly if you have a slow connection.]
  • It's hassle free.  One telephone call or e-mail to order get the process moving.

The CD-ROM is only $49.99 + $ 3.00 shipping and handling for U.S. regular mail, or a total of $52.99; if you prefer an alternative form of shipping, e.g., FEDEX, replace the $3.00 with the alternative cost of shipping.  (Ordering the CD is not a substitution for registration of the product or the separate registration fee--the fee is for the convenience of receiving the software on a CD-ROM, rather than downloading.)

At the time of ordering the CD-ROM only, each additional copy of the QuickStart Companion is available for $5.99 each, or may be ordered separately for $14.99 at any time.  

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