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My Key Ring! has received many 5-Star awards, and you are making a great decision to use My Key Ring!  You
can be assured of the quality because the authors of My Key Ring! at Ziata! Solutions, LLC have a history of
providing 5-Star software packages.  Our goal for My Key Ring! was clear from the beginning: elegance, power
and simplicity.  My Key Ring! sits nicely in the System Tray and does its magic for you in the background.


My Key Ring! User Benefit

Version 3

Version 4

  - General Elegance Elegant and straight-forward interface.  Simplicity.


  - System Tray Runs from the System Tray in the lower right hand corner of the screen, so it is always available to you. • •
  - Recently Launched Websites System Tray shows a listing of recently launched websites, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis   •
  - Improved System Tray MAJOR FEATURE: System Tray is reorganized for speed and easy access, includes access for more functionality.  LaunchAssist!, Copy to Clipboard options, Profiles, AutoFill! Now, etc.  See below for more details.   •
  - Escape Key Minimize To quickly minimize, merely hit the ESC (escape) key and it will be nicely placed back in to the system tray. • •
  -  Drag and Drop recategorize Merely drag and drop a password key to a new category or subcategory to change a category or subcategory. • •
 -  Automatically rename categories Right-click on a category or subcategory to rename the category or subcategory • •
  - Drag and Drop website Drag and drop a references from your browser, to easily create a new password key entry • •
  - Customizable By turning off the footer, masthead and buttons, as well as flagging off the description box, you can operate in a very neat small interface. • •
  - Flag and Filter on Frequently Flag password keys that you use frequently or infrequently. • •
  - Auto filtering Using the All category, see everything with one click, even if you are filtering on frequent-only or a particular category. • •
  - Online Help Detailed help is available at all times. • •
  - Setup Wizard Setup Wizard helps get you started. • •
  - Sample Data If you prefer, you can have sample information automatically entered for you. • •
  - New Entry Wizard If you prefer, you can have a wizard walk you through the entry process. • •
  - Unlimited databases Registered versions have unlimited database access.  An unregistered version are licensed only for a single user, on one machine with one database; licensed versions are licensed for multiple databases. • •
  - Unlimited password keys (record) No limit to the number of password keys you can enter. • •
  - Encryption Double Vault<tm> protection, with the databases password protected and certain data in the databases encrypted. • •
  - Homepage field In the event that the login page and the home page for the website are different, there are now separate database fields for each.   •
  - Decommissioned field You can mark a key as decommissioned without deleting it.  This permits you to keep you data for historical purposes.   •
  - PIN field Some accounts use a PIN (personal identification number) in addition to a user name and login ID.   •
  - Favorites MAJOR FEATURE: A very powerful feature that allows flagging of certain websites as frequently used.  This list is easy to access from the System Tray for speed.   •
  - Credit Cards MAJOR FEATURE: Tracks an unlimited number of credit cards.  Credit card numbers are encrypted with "Double Vault" protection.   •
  - User Profiles MAJOR FEATURE: Tracks an unlimited number of separate user AutoFill! profiles   •
User Features      
  - AutoFill! Auto fill forms, with options for turning off certain functionality. • •
  - Improved AutoFill! AutoFill! is even more responsive and accurate.  More user options to tailor how AutoFill! works.   •
  - AutoFill! Profiles MAJOR FEATURE: Unlimited number of AutoFill! profiles that can contain completely separate data, such as addresses.  For example, if you are filling out a form for home versus work.   •
  - Improved and Additional Options The user options screen has been improved for more easily entering your preferences   •
  - Import from Windows Favorites MAJOR FEATURE: My Key Ring! will now import from Microsoftฎ Windowsฎ Favorites.    •
  - Auto import from Windows
    Favorites upon startup
Automatically import any new Windows Favorites into My Key Ring!   •
  - Improved Copy to Clipboard Copy to clipboard has been improved for more accessibility.   •
  - Monitor Monitor My Key Ring! activities on the web with the monitor function. • •
  - LaunchAssist! Certain websites prevent auto entry, use Windows NT/2000/2003 logins or use graphics in forms.  For these situations, use LaunchAssist.  A small box will pop up over the website giving you the ability to copy and paste your information. • •
  - SmartSearch! Even when My Key Ring! is not the active program, it is working for you.  It will monitor your browser, and, when you change domains, My Key Ring! will try to find the proper information from its database for you to fill in the form automatically. • •
  - Import/Export Password Keys Easily import keys from or export to a comma delimited text file. • •
  - Email Password Key If you choose to do so, perfect for mailing a key to a friend, co-worker or spouse.  The information can then be imported by the recipient.  For example, you set up a brokerage account and want your spouse to have access: just select the Export Key by Email and the password will be send by email in encrypted format. • •
  - Auto Launch at Startup of Windows New user option to turn on or off the auto launch feature from the Options menu with a simple click.   •
  - Auto Update Automatically notifies you of updates available on the website for automatic updating and upgrading. • •

Please see additional information in our FAQ's.


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