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My Key Ring! is simply the finest password manager and electronic key ring computer software available!  We developed My Key Ring! to operate in a straight-forward manner.  No password managers work this well, the simplicity and elegance of the user interface are compelling.  Now with LaunchAssist!<tm> and LiveMenu!<tm>

No more wasting time trying to manage passwords.  Save your energy, time and money.  My Key Ring! manages passwords easily and automatically!  The frustration of trying to manage passwords, manage account numbers, manage website addresses and user names is gone!  Your electronic key ring is finally here!

You can download and use My Key Ring! for FREE.  It will not expire.

Below is a screenshot of the software.  All of your information is there for you in a very familiar and friendly format, similar to your email package format: categories and subcategories on the left and a filtered and sorted listing.  You can flag certain items as frequent, you can create unlimited categories and subcategories, drag and drop, etc.  We use our proprietary "double vault"tm protection on your password information.  There is no password manager available with this level of power and easy of use, at any price, anywhere!   It's friendly, familiar and powerful.

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You can track all of your passwords, bank account numbers, user id's in one place.  If you are an administrator, you can even create categories and subcategories for departments and employees, computers and software, etc., so you can finally track employee passwords, machine numbers, software license codes, etc.  All organized.  All in one place! 

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Version: 3.1.15.  Subject to the terms of the license agreement, this version of the software will operate in single user mode without registration or any payment.   

You can even view My Key Ring! in a small mode that will float on other programs.  So many options to tailor specifically to you!

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Three Reasons to Use My Key Ring!:

  1. Beauty.  Friendliest, most straight-forward, and most powerful interface available, anywhere at any price.  Power is nothing unless it is accessible.  Now with LaunchAssist! and LiveMenu, My Key Ring! is better than ever. 
  2. Network ready.  Registration allows for multi-user access and streamlined logon operations.  Unlimited number of databases, you can have separate password files for each member of the family!  Or, you can share one password file with multiple people who need simultaneous access, such as at work.  For large businesses, upgradable to the enterprise version.
  3. All Unlimited.  Unlimited password keys, categories, subcategories, databases (separate password files), etc.  Excellent features and quality.

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Site Licenses, Enterprise Edition Available.  Contact us.

For more information, you can reach us on the web at, 412-765-0490, or by fax at 412-765-0531, or by postal mail sent to: 

Ziata Solutions, LLC
Attn: Ziata! Support Manager
Allegheny building, 12th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1616

Registered users may obtain support by e-mail to support@myKeyRing.comClick here for Affiliates and other link exchanges.



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