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Upgrade to Version: 4.1.8. 

There are a number of new features in this version.  An important new feature is AutoFill, which will automatically fill in online forms.  Now, My Key Ring! traps all Internet Explorer browsing and will automatically try to find the correct record for you!   Although registration is option, registration has privileges, including support and maintenance.

Choose Options, Auto Complete tab and check the AutoFill button to fill in the defaults. 

Email Address         Your email address is REQUIRED to update.

For more information, you can reach us on the web at, 412-765-0490, or by fax at 412-765-0531, or by postal mail sent to: 

Ziata Solutions, LLC
Attn: Ziata! Support Manager
Allegheny building, 12th Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1616

Registered users may obtain support by e-mail to support@myKeyRing.comClick here for Affiliates and other link exchanges.



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